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I wrote this so quick it felt like a heartbeat. A bunch of my awesome friends contributed their amazing talents. I got a lot of stuff off of my chest and its packed full of feels so I called it HEARTS. Its a collection of dreamy, salt-soaked hip-hop songs dripping in delay, distortion, emotion and a sense of living on the coast near the ocean. It's about love and its about loss and making sense of the chaos those things can create. Its also called HEARTS and not just HEART because its about stuff we all go through from time to time. I hope it reminds you you're not alone if you ever feel like you're struggling. We all have hearts, we all have struggles, but we are stronger than we think and we can handle it. In saying that I'm dedicating this one to some friends I've loved and lost, especially Rhys McNaughton, Adam Flarrety (FLAZ), Jack Coleman and Shane Passmore. RIP. Of course I had to make this one a free download because I couldn't make an EP called HEARTS and not do it for the LOVE. Please download this music and share it if you dig it. Thats what it's for! Thanks in advance -Citizen X.


released April 16, 2016

Raps by Citizen X.
Beats by Mo Sizlack, Hamley, 'Unknown', DJ Butcher and Kit Pop.
Additional vocals by Abe McDonald of A Little Province and Holly Tapp.
Artwork by Lily Brown (IG: @brownflower )
**This is a bootleg release it is not for commercial use




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